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Thank you for visiting my page, I look forward to serving you!

“I understand the pain, suffering, and the multitude of losses that are often not acknlowdged by society.

My life and my passions have been shaped through my own personal years of fertility battles, losses, and recently cancer.

The first-hand experience has allowed me to understand the struggles, to learn from the suffering,

and to develop tools to help individuals through these journeys.”


Finding a therapist who understands your needs is very important. I know your frustration with common expressions like, “just relax," "at least you have…” or “have you thought of…”. I am here to offer you the safe space that is often not available, the support of someone who understands, along with the tools to ease the pain you are experiencing.

Linda Strano Burton Counseling & Coaching Services provides support and therapy to individuals experiencing distress due to cancer diagnoses and treatments, infertility and family-building barriers,  perinatal mental health issues, pre-pregnancy, while pregnant and postpartum and/or have experienced trauma, grief/loss, anxiety & depression through any of these conditions. I also work with people experiencing Domestic & Partnership Violence.

As a mental health therapist and coach, I provide you a trusting avenue to openly share your struggles. Your pain and suffering are valid and it can be debilitating when you walk alone. I am here to listen, validate, lift you up. I am here to support you on your journey to enhance your wellbeing.


I’m here for you. Let’s walk TOGETHER!

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